Text Messaging Service

With 90% of messages being read within the first three minutes, our online messaging platform and SMS gateway provides unparalleled reach and scalability for organisations all over the globe.

Business Text Messaging Service

The main benefits are:

  • Integrates with your CRM or internal system
  • Secure and reliable messaging cloud-based and self-service platform, which can deliver thousands of messages in a second
  • Easy to create, deliver and manage messages
  • Pay as you go, top-up service

“Over 37% of people have made a purchase as a direct result of receiving a message from a business.”

Real-time SMS messaging

Integrate your CRM or internal system with our API gateway or email to SMS solution to build and deploy alerts, reminders and notifications. With 99.999% up-time automate or schedule SMS marketing messages based on customer behaviour, orders, processes and more.

Text messaging service

Text messaging service

Better customer experiences

Improve customer experience with mobile messaging delivered at every stage of the customer journey. Provide critical alerts, crucial information on service disruptions, delivery services or delivery updates. Measure customer satisfaction with our intuitive SMS survey tool, which can be created and sent within the platform.

Scalable enterprise platform

We provide a reliable messaging platform, which can be scaled to deliver thousands of messages a second. Find out about how our Platinum Operator status with the mobile networks guarantees premium routes using direct connections to provide unparalleled delivery speeds, even at bulk.


Text messaging service

Voucher and ticketing

Create tickets, vouchers, attachments, links and surveys to be delivered via SMS.

Text messaging service

Campaign management

Schedule and send personalised messages to large contact groups or individuals online.

Text messaging service

Operational efficiency

Use messaging to automate customer interactions and to improve efficiency of processes.

Text messaging service

Tangible business results

Free reporting suite with exportable reports. Measure customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

How can our text messaging service help your business?

Text, SMS


Use our best-in-breed platform to drive online retail promotions or high street footfall. Integrate with our highly scalable and secure SMS gateway to send click and collect or stock alerts in near real-time.

SMS, Text, Business

Gaming and Gambling

Deliver timely, relevant game alerts to players or customers in an instant with our feature rich SMS message gateway. Our gaming and gambling mobile messaging solution can support your global customer base and future expansion.

Text and SMS for businesses


The unparalleled reach of SMS provides the automotive industry with an improved service and higher sales. You have the ability to reach customers with promotional vouchers, customer service tickets and more.

Text messaging service

Travel and Tourism

SMS updates provide crucial information to passengers regarding any change of travel itineraries including flight or sailing delays, boarding instructions or security reminders. Reduce disruption with SMS tickets and collect satisfaction with our innovative SMS survey tool.

Text messaging service

Delivery and Logistics

Make SMS integral to your digital communications and keep customers up to date with automated alerts; vehicle location, route and delivery notifications.

Text messaging service

Entertainment and Leisure

Engage with fans or audiences with feature rich mobile messaging. Instantly send event tickets, crucial alerts or create insight with innovative SMS surveys. Deliver intelligent, personalised and targeted communication with the industry’s most established and advanced SMS platform.

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