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Used by more than 8,000 UK organisations, the InVentry sign-in system provides you with a complete and cohesive approach to managing site access in your company. It gives you maximum traceability for all your staff, pupils, contractors and visitors.

"Thank you for all your hard work and assistance since Government Restrictions in March and now. We are extremely pleased with the service provided, it has been a challenging start to the contract none of us expected we would be facing this but we feel extremely pleased we made the right decision when we awarded the contract in January to Cavendish..."
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Digital sign-in
for businesses

Create the right first impression to perspective clients and companies by providing a modern and professional greeting to your reception area. Visitors can sign in and access your site through our modern and stylish touchscreen interface.

Staff can also sign in and out using Quickscan units, via barcode or swipe cards, or our GPS mobile application. All your data is accessed through the InVentry Core where you can print out staff timecards and emergency evacuation lists for easy administration.

Inventry Sign-in and Visitor Management System

InVentry for Business in a nutshell

Inventry pupil tracking and registration

Digital sign-in
for education

The market-leading, award-winning InVentry visitor management system is flexible and scalable to meet the changing needs of any size or type of school, academy or sixth form. Designed with GDPR and safeguarding in mind. easily and safely remotely manage your staff, pupils and visitors in real-time through an intuitive web-based dashboard and app. With sign-in check points, registration data and automated email alerts, teachers and staff have more time for teaching and learning.

Establishing a visitor management system for your school is an extremely powerful way to keep your staff and pupils safe and to manage attendance, whereabouts and punctuality.

InVentry for Education in a nutshell

Benefits of Sign-in Solutions


Advanced, but intuitive

Sophisticated, cutting edge software designed simply, so that anyone can use it.

Call reporting

Utilise the data

Monitor arrival and departure times of staff, students and visitors, enabling analysis of behavioural patterns and habits.

Superior Service

Perfect professionalism

Demonstrate an organised and efficient impression first time, every time.

Protect your Phone System from fraud

Safe & secure

Always know who is onsite at any given time and conduct quick, accurate evacuation procedures when necessary.

Industries InVentry is perfect for...

Horizon Mobile


Trusted by more than 7,000 UK schools, InVentry's platform is tailored to the niche education environment's needs.

Moving Offices


InVentry streamlines the check-in process for patients and staff, allowing more time to be focused on the important stuff.

Superior Service


Putting security as a priority. Having a holistic view of people's attendance and location enforces optimal regulation.

+ many more!

solution features

Cavendish Communications Ltd

Staff management

Use ID cards or manual sign-in to record staff's arrivals and departures giving insight into working patterns and whereabouts.

Cavendish Communications Ltd

ID cards and scanners

Offer personalised ID cards for regular and new visitors to easily sign-in/out throughout the day with one swipe.

Cavendish Communications Ltd

DBS checker

Upload & update DBS checks for known entities and link it to their sign-in profile.

Cavendish Communications Ltd

Manage hybrid working

Enables staff to schedule in 'office days' up to 14 days in advance.

Cavendish Communications Ltd

Pupil management

Oversea punctuality, registration, assigned guardians and whereabouts of pupils, keeping everyone safe and informed.

Cavendish Communications Ltd

Dedicated app

Either on or offline, view real-time status updates, sync data from your active directory and manage check-ins.

Cavendish Communications Ltd

Multiple sign-in stations

Distribute your sign-in points via various devices at dedicated entry points for efficient check-ins.

Cavendish Communications Ltd

3 year warranty

Maintain piece of mind with a 3 year warranty on all sign-in devices.

Cavendish Communications Ltd

Visitor management

Effortlessly sign visitors in, print badges and send this information directly to your management software.

Cavendish Communications Ltd

Multi-site inteligence

For organisations, schools and academies with multiple sites, track, access and be notified of sign-ins across all sites through one single source.

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