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Touch Screen Solutions

Interactive Touch Screens

The Future of the Workplace

Video communication technology is changing the way we work

The future of the workplace, whether it be a business or school environment, will soon depend on a wide range of video communication technology to run as efficiently as possible.

Meetings, presentations, interactive lessons for pupils, video conferencing, the list goes on. Cavendish are now bringing you state-of-the-art touch screen technology from three of the leading names in AV communications. Customers, employees, and colleagues are now able to interact with each other like never before, whilst sharing quality content across all networks. Interactive touch screens are the future!

Interactive Touch Screens are ideal for:

  • Higher & Further Education
  • Any organisation with high aesthetic values
  • Users for whom clarity of detail is essential
  • Engineering
  • Creative, design and other agencies who need touch technology to enable creativity, not get in its way
  • Architects and construction working with blueprints
  • Technical design
  • Users of CAD packages which utilise pressure sensitivity
  • Automotive design
  • Corporate huddle spaces, meeting and board rooms where natural collaboration is essential

New Clevertouch Screens – BUY BACK OFFER

We’re offering cashback through our BUY BACK PROGRAMME. Your school can get up to £250 cashback for your old equipment when you switch to Clevertouch!

Why choose Clevertouch:

  • Collaborate and present without limitations
  • Use any device to share documents with the screen
  • Clevertouch integrates with existing technology
  • Control all your screen centrally from your IT helpdesk
  • Bringing immersive learning to life with easy-to-use interactive technology

Clevertouch Buy Back Offer

How does the Buy Back Programme work?

Place your order with us for a delivery/installation before 31st December 2020. We will arrange to collect your old equipment within 20 days. Fill in an online form on Clevertouch’s website to qualify for cashback. The more Clevertouch screens you buy, the more cashback you get – there’s no maximum limit as long as you have old replacements for us to remove.

How is cashback awarded?

Earn up to £250 per screen!

Clevertouch Buy Back Offer


The offer

Your IMPACT or IMPACT Plus must be delivered between 1 September to 31 December 2020.You must fill in the cashback form within 30 days of delivery of your new IMPACT or IMPACT Plus.

Your old equipment

You must keep your old equipment safe for 20 days – we will arrange collection during this period. You will be given a collection number for each item – you must enter this number into the form for cashback to be awarded. Old equipment can include projectors, interactive boards, and interactive displays. To receive cashback, you must supply old technology for each of the Clevertouch screens purchased.

Delivery and Collection

Ten working days’ notice must be given if there are any site access requirements. If there is a failed delivery/collection as a result of any fault not due to Clevertouch or the delivery agent, you will be required to pay a £150 failed delivery/collection charge. Delivery and collection times are estimated and not guaranteed. Units will be delivered to and collected from the ground floor only unless special prior arrangements are made.

Enhance your Corporate Environment

A better way of working, for you and your colleagues

Technology has advanced dramatically over the years, changing the way we work on a daily basis. Video conferencing is now the norm, and remote working is now more accessible thanks to a combination of Audio-Visual communication solutions.

By keeping up to speed with Audio-Visual communications, your workplace can experience a more efficient workflow, increased productivity levels, and a seamless new way of delivering presentations.

Our touch screen technology allows businesses to take advantage of the changes in working practices and improve communication through video, presentations, and more.

Workplace Benefits

  • Mood lighting – adapt to office space
  • Meeting technology – engaging presentations
  • Client communication – positive relationships
  • Employee interaction – active environment
  • Up-to-date information for visitors
Touch Screen

Modern Classroom Solutions

First, there was the blackboard, then there was the whiteboard, now there’s the interactive touch screen for schools.

Many schools and universities are already experiencing the benefits of integrating Audio-Visual communications. Over the years, this cutting-edge technology has turned thousands of classrooms into an interactive, fun learning environment. Both the teaching and learning experience has been enhanced, with pupils more engaged than ever before.

This sophisticated way of learning has endless benefits. Interactive touch screens for schools and other institutions offer a huge range of benefits, and we can provide market-leading technology today!

Classroom Benefits

  • Flexibility of sharing dynamic content
  • Supports all learning styles
  • Low maintenance & no wiping
  • Environmentally conscious 
  • Integrates with various technology

Upgrade today with Cavendish

By teaming up with the leading suppliers, we can help change your office, meeting room, classroom, or assembly hall for the better.

With the latest AV touch screen technology, you can make meetings more meaningful, education more engaging, and effortlessly interact with one another in the workplace like never before.

Prefer no upfront cost? Ask one of our experts about our lease options.

How Audio-Visual Touch Screens can Benefit Your Business

Touch screens transform business communications

In this day and age businesses have become more dependant on having the right Audio-Visual solutions in place.

At Cavendish Communications we’ve built up a strong reputation since 1990 for providing an All-in-One solution for business telecoms. We’re always monitoring the ever-changing trends in technology, to ensure that we’re bringing our customers’ beneficial solutions to their business. Cavendish are now providing the latest interactive touch screen technology, transforming the way pupils learn in the classroom, and enhancing business communications within the corporate workplace.

Touch screen for schools

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Clevertouch Interactive Touch Panel

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BenQ Interactive Touch Panel

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Smart Interactive Touch Panel

For information on our offers from CleverTouch, SMART and BenQ, call 0800 206 2107 or  email us.