and Visitor Management System for Businesses

The number one sign in, visitor and contractor management system for businesses

InVentry has brought Sika into the modern age, providing an innovative solution with an outstanding level of technical support.

– S.G, Sika Group

Used by more than 6,000 organisations in the UK

The sign in system provides you with a complete and cohesive approach to managing site access in your company. It gives you maximum traceability for all your staff, contractors and visitors.

Create the right first impression to perspective clients and companies by providing a modern and professional greeting to your reception area. Visitors can sign in and access your site through our modern and stylish touchscreen interface.

Staff can also sign in and out using Quickscan units, via barcode or swipe cards, or our GPS mobile application. All your data is accessed through the InVentry Core where you can print out staff timecards and emergency evacuation lists for easy administration.

Sign In for the Modern Business

The InVentry system is designed with both security and efficiency in mind. Our sign in software, applications and equipment have been developed to be the most reliable of their kind.

  • Secure – always know who is onsite at any given time
  • Professional – create the right impression first time, every time
  • Advanced – cutting edge software designed so anyone can use it
  • Trusted – with a 99.9% customer retention rate you can be sure we won’t let you down

and Visitor Management System

Multi-Tenanted and Multi-Site Solutions

Whatever the business type, whether it be a multi-tenanted office building or one large multi-site company, InVentry gives you the flexibility to manage site access and monitoring though one comprehensive solution.

Multi-tenanted solutions:

  • Pre-book visitors onto InVentry and email e-tickets for speedier sign in
  • Receive instant email or SMS notifications when a visitor arrives
  • Easily produce bespoke reports for individual companies

Multi-site solutions:

  • Allow employees and contractors to travel between sites using the same ID
  • Generate individual personnel reports across multiple sites
  • Benchmark data across sites within your organisation

System Features

Sign in and safeguarding solutions

Staff Sign In

Enable staff to easily sign in and out through the touchscreen or via quick scanners using ID cards.

Sign in and Visitor Management SystemVisitor Agreement Screen

Ensure visitors read and agree to any terms and conditions for your site during the signing in process with customised screens.

Sign in Solutions Visitor Pass System

Time Cards

Manage your workforce payroll with ease by producing reports and time cards though InVentry.

Sign in and Visitor Management SystemVisitor Management

Allow visitors to sign themselves in and create temporary ID badges in seconds.

Sign in and Visitor Management SystemIntegrations

Read and write back to Active Directory and use InVentry to create personnel records directly from the Console.

Sign in and safeguarding solutions

Swipe Options

Fully customisable ID badges that work with barcode, Paxton, MiFare, HID and UPC entry systems.

Sign in Solutions Touch Screen Monitor


Fully customisable 20″ touchscreen with integrated webcam for a professional look and feel.

Sign in and safeguarding solutions

Facial Recognition

For more frequent visitors, utilise facial recognition for even speedier sign in.

Sign in and safeguarding solutions

Multiple Languages

Sign in screens are available in any language and can be changed at the touch of a button.

Sign in and Visitor Management System


One click access to an evacuation list that tells you exactly who is on site in the event of an evacuation.

Sign in and safeguarding solutions

Software Updates

Included withing the price are all sofware updates and most new modules as they are released.

Sign in and safeguarding solutions

Events Management

Pre-book visitors for events and customise the email invitations all through InVentry.

Sign in and safeguarding solutions

Staff Notification

Provide instant notifications via email and SMS messages to staff as soon as their visitor signs in.

Sign in and Visitor Management System


Fingerprint technology gives you a secure and cost-effective way for staff to sign in and out.

Mobile Solutions


Sign in and Visitor Management System


Our evacuation app gives you real time information of who is signed in from a smartphone or tablet. You can use the app on multiple devices when you have different emergency muster points.


Our staff app allows staff to sign in and out on the go. The app only allows staff to sign in once they are on site and is compatible with any mobile or tablet.


The events app enables staff to manage signing in an out directly from their tablet to speed up the signing in for events. You can also use it to invite visitors to future events, which automatically enrols them into the InVentry system.

The InVentry system was a massive step forward for us and enabled us to get 300+ people into the election count in under 20 minutes, where previously it had taken over twice as long to achieve.

– I.G., Calderdale M.B.C.


InVentry provide an easy-to-use product that looks very impressive on entry to our site. I have no hesitation in recommending InVentry to any clients or sites.

– P.T., Wigan Council

How It Works in Businesses

Quickscan Touch


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