How much is a missed call worth to your business?

At Cavendish, we offer our customers an excellent Call Reporting service to compliment their business communications.

You may be struggling to monitor missed calls, or even be unsure what your busiest period is during the day. By identifying these factors, you’ll be able to eliminate missed customer contact – which will also be eliminating the chance of a missed sale, or an unhappy customer.

Call Reporting

Call Reporting

  • Enable push notifications to encourage follow-ups
  • Apply resources to real data
  • Identify all missed calls
  • Integrate with call recording
  • Monitor attempted call-backs
  • Unlimited displays & log-ins

Manage your business better

Call Reporting

Our advanced Call Reporting service shows you how efficiently and effectively you are dealing with your customers and provides you with the information you need to drive constant improvement.

Our reporting capabilities are are flexible and easy to use so that you will soon see measurable results in productivity improvements and cost savings, throughout your business.

Know which teams or individuals pick up calls immediately or who’s letting calls just ring and ring?

Instead of guessing what your call patterns are, why not run a daily or hourly activity report and see for yourselves what is really happening?

Call Reporting

To find out more about our Call Reporting Solutions call 0800 206 2107 or send us an email.