Call Recording

Call recording capability on a Telephone System is fast becoming an essential requirement for all Businesses.


  • Capture Essential Call Information
  • Monitor Customer Service
  • Improve Staff Training
  • Avoid Unnecessary Litigation
  • Link with Call Logging
  • Windows Based Search Functional

Improve Customer Service

Call Recording

If customer service is a key part of your business you will no doubt understand the importance of call recording. Whether for training purposes or as back up for disputed calls, recording can deliver business benefits.

Capturing important call information and order details for future reference can save time and money and avoid unnecessary disputes. All recordings are date and time-stamped for easy reference and are available online via a Windows based search by:

  • Time and date
  • Caller’s number
  • Number dialled
  • User’s notes

Give your marketing and sales teams essential insight into effective sales techniques and marketing campaigns, improve staff training and performance and deter inappropriate calls and security breaches.

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