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Non Geographic Numbers UK

Non Geographic Numbers are virtual numbers that can be mapped to any existing phone number anywhere in the UK or International destination.   There are four main types of Non Geographic Numbers:

  • Freecall Numbers 0800
  • Local Numbers (Area Call) 01/02
  • UK Wide Numbers 0333/0345/0845
  • Rebate Numbers 0843/0844

The main benefits are:

  • Generate up to 175% more sales calls
  • Create a national presence for your business
  • No additional line rental to pay
  • Available for mobile users

Freecall Numbers

0800 numbers are free to call from UK mobiles and landlines therefore customers are more likely to contact you because it is free for them.


  • Generate up to 175% more calls to your business thus boost sales and customer service
  • Is not restricted to local areas, you can appear nationally
  • Forever and memorable numbers – add your existing number to a new phone


  • Caller: Free of charge
  • Owner of the number: pays a penny per minute rate based on the service and the quality of the number*

Freecall Number Bundle

  • 1000 minutes for £9.99 per month that’s equivalent of 200 x 5 minutes phone calls**
Non Geographic Numbers
Non Geo Numbers- Local Numbers

Local Numbers

With 01/02 number you establish your presence in a certain part of the country or the world. For example, if your company is based in Brighton and you want to sell to customers in London you buy this number to appear as a local company.


  • You enhance your presence anywhere in the UK as a local business
  • Used with VoIP cutting down communications cost especially for international calls
  • When you are abroad, your callers pay only for a local call, no extra charges


  • Caller: pays local rate
  • Owner of the number: pays a penny per minute rate

UK Wide Numbers

With 033/0345/0845 numbers your business can appeal to your existing or potential customers from throughout the UK, not just in your local area.


  • 0333 numbers cost the same to calls a landline number, even from mobiles
  • Calls to 0333 numbers will include any free or inclusive minutes from the caller’s service provider
  • Widely recognised throughout the UK – 80% of people are more likely to call an 0333 number to enquire about purchasing a product or service


  • Caller: pays local rate
  • Owner of the number: pays a penny per minute rate
Non Geo Numbers- UK Wide Numbers
Non Geo Numbers- Rebate Numbers

Rebate Numbers

084 numbers generate income to the owner of the number thus you can earn between 4 to 7p per minute when customers ring you.


  • Generate revenue from calls
  • National presence instead of being restricted to a specific area
  • Portable Numbers- keep the same number even if you relocate your business


  • Caller: pays between 0 to 7 pence per minute plus Access Charge
  • Owner of the number: pays between 4 to 8 pence per minute rate or gets 1 to 3 pence per minute when someone calls the number

Our Solutions

Cavendish Conferencing

You simply invite your participants to your own conference call.

Disaster Recovery

Is a solution to protect your communications against disasters.

Additional Features For All Non-Geo Numbers

Non-Geo Numbers

Reporting Statistics

A variety of reports are available in addition to live stats.

Non-Geo Numbers

Advanced Services

There are a number of advanced services available such as Area Based Routing and Interactive (IVR).

Non-Geo Numbers

Disaster Recovery

This feature allows you to pre-configure a DR Plan to divert calls in the event of a disaster recovery.

Non-Geo Numbers

Date Exception

This feature allows you to divert calls to voicemail, audio or another destination on particular dates.

Non-Geo Numbers

Call Queuing

This extra allows you to setup a detailed call queuing facility on the service.

Non-Geo Numbers

Missed Call Alert

This feature allows you to setup (email)  alerts to notify when calls have been missed.

Non-Geo Numbers

Voicemail (to email)

This feature allows you to setup a voicemail facility for each number.

Non-Geo Numbers

Out Of Hours

This feature allows you to set up an out of hours voicemail service.

Non-Geo Numbers


Allows you to select an audio file to be played to your staff / agent upon connection.

Non-Geo Numbers

Display Number

Allows you to display one of two numbers such as Caller’s CLI or Number as Dialled.

Non-Geo Numbers

Call Recording

Call Recording allows you to record any inbound call when a caller rings in on one of your Geo Numbers.

Non-Geo Numbers

Pre-Connection Greeting

Allows you to select an audio file to be played to the caller upon connection.

For more information about Non Geographic Numbers, please call 0800 206 2107 or email us.

*Gold and Silver Numbers are available for additional charges
**If you exceed 1000 minutes, calls from fixed lines will be charged at 3.15ppm. Please note that calls from a mobile are not included in the £9.99 bundle and will cost 7ppm.