Disaster Recovery Solutions

We make sure your business has a full disaster recovery plan in place with all the relevant backups and computing solutions ready to deploy. We know bad things can happen, and we know being prepared is the best way to deal with them.

Can your business afford not to have a Disaster Recovery plan?

Communication is the lifeline for most businesses, and at Cavendish, we know it pays to have a plan in place for when there are disruptions.

Many businesses wrongly believe that protecting their communications against unexpected disasters is either too difficult or too expensive. However, we provide a solution which means rather than waiting for disaster to strike, you’ll already be fully protected.

Disaster Recovery Services

We have years of experience in disaster recovery services for a wide range of clients. We make sure your business has a full disaster recovery plan in place with all the relevant backups and computing solutions ready to deploy. We know bad things can happen, and we know being prepared is the best way to deal with them. Get in touch today to speak to a disaster recovery consultant.

What’s covered?

  • We’ll divert your number to pre-set hunt groups
  • We’ll maintain your cover on a continuous basis
  • We’ll activate your DR plan for full protection

Diverting your main business number to an Inbound Number

The simplest way to facilitate all requirements for home or remote working, covering all eventualities, is to divert your main number to an 0800 number to give you a lot of features including:

  • Diverting your main number to multiple destinations
  • Allows you to have overflow groups
  • A simple message explaining current situation and announcing numbers for end users to redial
  • Mirroring your current set-up if you use auto attendant, with options for diverting to mobiles

We can get this all set up for you ready to go and all you need to do is to let us know when to activate the divert. We can also edit it as and when required.

Disaster Recovery at the Push of a Button

80% of businesses fail after disaster strikes… 

What could be at risk?

Internet Access, including typical broadband services used by many businesses, are particularly vulnerable to cables being dug up, distribution cabinets in the street being damaged, telephone exchange faults and local device failure. Additionally, the ever increasing demand for bandwidth from businesses and consumers is forcing the internet service providers to invest more in infrastructure. If not, failure and poor performance become a greater possibility.

We all know how vital it is to have a strong internet connection in the office, so losing access to this could potentially cripple a business. Can you really afford to lose email communication, be cut off from your loyal customers, or miss out on potential revenue?

Traditional PSTN and ISDN phone lines are susceptible to basic forces of nature such as storms, flooding and more commonly a simple lightning strike. Losing phone lines will mean loss of incoming calls, which could have a great impact on the daily success of many businesses. When it comes to relocating an office, some telephone numbers cannot be kept without call forwarding or switching to a non-geographic number.

Telephone systems do rely on the above connectivity, but also require regular software upgrades and routine maintenance to ensure maximum up-time. If office access becomes limited due to fire, terrorist threat or transport failure, then calls can be forwarded to an alternative mobile, landline or answer machine within the DR plan. This enables sales, customer service and support for the business to continue as normal, with no implications.

IT systems and services rely heavily on the data connectivity particularly for remote data storage and backup. Power failure or loss of internet access can greatly impact on how the IT services for a business run. Losing these services can be potentially worse than losing internet access, as internal communications may well be affected. CRM systems, billing and any other business applications could shut down, greatly limiting employees on completing crucial daily tasks.

Most equipment requires electricity, but interruption to oil, gas or water can make an office unusable and albeit less frequent. Storms have caused disruptive damage to thousands of businesses, and the loss of utility services rapidly bring normal operations to a halt. Electricity has the most immediate impact taking out lighting, heating and air conditioning, power for computers and telephone systems.

Disaster Recovery

How can I increase my protection?

There are many ways that you can protect your business further outside of our Disaster Recovery Plan. Rather than waiting for disaster to strike, consider the following points:

      • Back up your Internet Access: There are a number of options when it comes to making your all important internet access more robust.
        – Upgrade to a Fibre Ethernet Circuit with ADSL Failover (from another supplier)
        – Upgrading to FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) with ADSL Failover
        – Installing 4G/3G Mobile Failover


      • Switch to SIP: If you haven’t already done so, switch to flexible SIP Trunks to either replace to sit alongside your existing ISDN telephone lines. These are virtual lines delivered over the internet, offering increased flexibility whilst saving you costs. For more information on SIP, click here.


      • Move your Phone System to the Cloud: A hosted telephony solution means that calls are managed in the cloud, rather than having physical infrastructure on your business premises or switchboard. This can have big cost advantages even when things are running normally and in a disaster, it can be a lifesaver. Diverts to alternative offices can be activated and call plans and voicemail announcements changed – in real time, from any location, using a simple mobile web interface.


      • Equip your business with Emergency Power Backup: Install emergency power backup, such as UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). This can be used as a short-term solution for continuity of essential communications, in the event that you had a power outage at your site.

If you want to protect your business today or would like further information on our Disaster Recovery Plan, please call 0800 206 2107 or email us.

Disaster Recovery