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Horizon Mobile Connect

- Mobile calls can be recorded - MiFID II compliant

- MultiNet option for roaming to other networks

Horizon Mobile – Connect

Cavendish has launched a new Mobile Solution which can be closely integrated with customers’ existing Horizon System.

Horizon Mobile is a mobile service built exclusively for the UK business market, designed to deliver improved coverage for voice and data. With Horizon Mobile your device will empower, not hinder your ability to conduct business. It has travel bolt-ons that are as flexible as your schedule, a fixed/mobile convergence roadmap that prepares your business for the future and you’ll get a network provider with a focus on customer service excellence.

Horizon Mobile

Horizon Mobile

Key Benefits:

  • One number across all devices
  • One voicemail
  • One bill solution
  • Flexible tariffs
  • Multinet option for roaming to other networks
  • Unified call reporting across all users and devices
  • Integrated with your existing Horizon Phone System
  • Mobile calls can be recorded
  • Utilise the mobile network, not via an app
  • Choose to present the office or mobile number
  • Keep your existing telephone numbers
  • One portal for management of all your devices

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Horizon Mobile

Improved Business Continuity

Better coverage with MultiNet bold-on service through to a great range of standard and optional features including business-grade voicemail. If you are looking for a personal service from a provider with its own reliable network, our mobile service is the ideal choice.

Horizon Mobile

Prevent Unexpected Charges

Avoid bill shock and unexpected data charges when overseas. You can control your expenditure when roaming with our range of Business Traveller bolt-ons to suit your schedule.

Horizon Mobile

Get Better Coverage

There is no need for multiple provider contracts for your business because the MultiNet enables the SIM to automatically pick up the next strongest available mobile network when the primary network is not available anywhere in the UK.

Horizon Mobile

Data when you need

We know how important it is to stay connected which is why we won’t cut users off when they reach their threshold, instead we will send an alert letting them know they are reaching their limit.

Horizon Mobile

Keep Employees Connected

This Mobile Service is ideal for companies who need to be in constant contact with their mobile users, whether it is via voice or email.

Horizon Mobile

Excellent Customer Support

The support team are all experts in both fault resolution and provisioning so they can deal with your queries as quickly as possible.

The Power of Multiple Networks in One SIM

MultiNet rips up the rulebook by giving you access to multiple networks for better coverage. So, there is always a coverage available from an available mobile network therefore you can always make and receive calls.

More signal means more opportunity to do more business. While your competitors are looking for signal or having to rely on voicemail, MultiNet gives you more opportunity to carry on working.

MultiNet is mobile without boundaries – if the primary network is unreachable and there is another network available, your handset will pick it up and you will be able to continue with your business as normal, giving you the edge over your competition.

It works on any handset and does not require a mobile app, making it even easier for you to stay connected.

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To find out more on our Horizon Mobile Solution, please call 0800 206 2107 or email us.