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Horizon Collaborate

What is Collaborate?

Collaborate is a complete Unified Communications and Collaboration solution offering services such as instant messaging, presence, video, desktop and application sharing, and the calling features that you get with Horizon today.

All driven through a single, intuitive interface available on PC and Mac as well as IOS and Android smart devices. Think of it as a feature-packed, cloud-based single unified communications replacement for Horizon calls, Skype for Business and LoopUp, with all the features and functionality of the Horizon telephony service.

Features and benefits

Horizon Collaborate is suitable for any sized business looking to improve productivity, increase collaborative team working, attract more diverse talent and speed up business decisions.

Horizon Collaborate
  • Video Calling
  • Instant Conferencing
  • Attract Millennials
Horizon Collaborate
  • Instant Messaging
  • Improve Employee Experience
  • Presence
Horizon Collaborate
  • Streamline IT Operations
  • Reduce Costs and Complexity
  • Boost Business Agility
Horizon CollaborateGigabit Broadband Voucher SchemeHorizon CollaborateHorizon CollaborateHorizon CollaborateHorizon CollaborateHorizon Collaborate

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The Collaborate Experience

Your desktop display at-a-glance

Horizon Collaborate

A Complete Unified Comms Experience For Your Business

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Horizon Collaborate

Problem Solving and Support

Logging in

“My password does not work”

Make sure the username and password are copied exactly, as they are case sensitive. The same password is for all soft clients, if you have a new one, change all at the same time. Get a new password using theForgot Password’ feature. Contact your site administrator.

“The password is too long to remember”

You can select ‘Save Password’ on the desktop client. Disable calling on the mobile client using the ‘Use VoIP’ toggle under setting. You don’t need to log out. Shutting the mobile app, or resetting your phone will not require a new password entry.


“I have joined a My Room conference but can’t hear anyone”

After going into My Room, select the Voice or Video button (top right of the window). Ensure you have an audio device connected and the volume is turned up. Check-in setting to make sure the correct device is selected. If you are connected via a VPN, try turning it off.

“I can’t set up a conference with someone external”

External users can join using the Google Chrome browser. Send the guest link from your My Room (Refer to the ‘How To’ conference guide available on the Gamma Academy and also via the Collaborate Adoption Pack here)

“My guest can’t join the Conference online”

Guests must use Chrome to use screen share and video. Unfortunately, Apple products don’t support full Chrome so may not work. Users can join using the dial in number. Without Chrome, only audio is available.

“My guest can’t screen share”

A small plugin ‘Horizon Collaborate Guest Client Chrome Extension’ is required in Chrome for a guest to share. They don’t need it to view only. You will automatically be prompted by Chrome when you try to share your screen or app. If you are just watching, then you don’t need the plugin.

In My Room settings (3 dots above participants list) ensure you have allowed sharing.

“I can’t video call”

Make sure you have the webcam selected in settings. The privacy cover on the webcam should be open if it has one. Make sure the webcam is plugged in. Try turning off the VPN. You are only able to video up to 15 users including the host.


“I can’t hear the other person I am calling”

Ensure you have an audio device connected, such as a headset. Check the device is selected in the settings. Make sure the volume is turned up on the headset.

“I can’t hear ringing, but the call does connect and I’m speaking to the other party”

Some networks have SIP ALG enabled. Contact your provider to see if it can be disabled.

“I sometimes get poor quality when calling”

Voice traffic is prioritised within the network but can be impacted by limited bandwidth. Stop other use (such as streaming or gaming). If you are connected via a VPN try turning it off.


“Collaborate doesn’t show correctly that I am in a meeting”

You can manually set your presence using the dropdown. By selecting Automatic, it will reflect your Outlook calendar.

“When working remotely from the office I get a lot of small issues such as presence not working correctly”

If you are connected via a VPN try turning it off.

“Collaborate doesn’t show I am in a call”

You can manually set your presence using the dropdown. By selecting Automatic, it will show when you are in a call.

“Collaborate doesn’t show my location correctly”

Accurate location is derived from the mobile client. This is free to download and use. You can also turn off location from either the desktop or mobile client.

About Horizon Hosted Phone Systems

Cavendish Communications has been providing Horizon Cloud Phone Systems to businesses since 2010 and we have seen this market grow from a trickle of early adopters to a steady flow of business clients migrating to the cloud.

We have an excellent team of support staff who ensure the deployment and migration of our Hosted Phone System solution is first class. The knowledge and experience we have developed to provide trouble free installations, reliability and professional support is absolutely essential when considering a Hosted Phone System supplier.

Horizon Hosted Systems

Collaborate Quick Reference Guides:

Getting started

Horizon Collaborate

Voice Calling

Horizon Collaborate

Manage a Conference

Horizon Collaborate

IM, Presence and Contacts

Horizon Collaborate

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Horizon Collaborate

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