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Cavendish has been providing cloud phone system solutions since 2010 and we have seen this market grow from a trickle of early adopters to a steady flow of businesses migrating to the cloud.

Cloud Phone System Solutions from Cavendish

We have an excellent team of support staff who ensure the deployment and migration to our hosted phone system is first class. The knowledge and experience we have developed to provide trouble free installations, reliability, and professional support is absolutely essential when considering a cloud telephone systems supplier.

Cavendish is now one of the leading suppliers of Horizon which is the top hosted phone system in the UK.  Full details of this excellent solution can be found below.

Cavendish provides the top Cloud Phone System Solutions on the market


Hosted Horizon Cloud Phone System Sussex


Horizon is the number one cloud phone system on the market today and has the most comprehensive list of features to support every business no matter what size. Cavendish were one of the first telecoms organisations to start providing Horizon, so we have a wealth of experience in provisioning, installing, training and supporting every type of phone system configuration modern businesses require.

Cloud Phone System

The Benefits of a Cloud Phone System

Compared to traditional, capex-intensive, on-site systems, the financial advantages of a Cloud Phone System are clear and compelling. But the economics are just the beginning of the real business value.

Expand your opportunities

  • Free from the constraints of a physical location and a fixed workforce, you can expand your opportunities and grow your business.

Free up time

  • With your cloud services provider managing and maintaining the system, you can focus on growing your business, not your phone system.

Work smarter, anywhere

  • With access to all the information and tools they need – anywhere, anytime – your employees can significantly improve their productivity.

Latest technology

  • Always being up-to-date with the latest technology, and having access to sophisticated new features, ensures you stay competitive and don’t fall behind.

Ensure seamless experiences

  • By integrating multiple communications and collaboration services across fixed and mobile devices, you can deliver the seamless experiences that your employees and your customers expect.

Reduce your risks

  • Equipped with built-in resilience and security, you significantly reduce the risk of damaging downtime.

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Cloud Telephony Buyer's Guide

Buyer’s Guide – Cloud Telephony

The three stages of planning a successful transition

To realise the full benefits of a consolidated, company-wide Cloud Communications architecture, the right preparation is vital. Our 3-stage approach is designed to ensure you transition successfully.

Stage 1

Audit current situation You need to identify and fully understand your current assets, capabilities and processes by comprehensively auditing your communications and collaboration environment.

Stage 2

Identify improvement opportunities Different cloud solutions offer a wide variety of tools and features for improving working practices, so you need to identify which of your processes could be improved to make your business run more efficiently.

Stage 3

Prepare your business Your staff, partners, suppliers and customers all need to be fully prepared for whatever impacts your implementation will have on them. You should also review whether any of your technology needs to be refreshed (such as broadband links and handsets).

A good cloud services provider will work with you through these preparatory stages to ensure that your new solution is the right match for your business and improves on current working practices.

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We offer a wide range of business communications including our new Microsoft Teams Direct Routing service.

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    Cloud Telephony Buyer's Guide

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