The Future of Communications

BT’s announcement that they intend to migrate all of their voice customers to IP networks by 2025 signifies an end to their ISDN services and explains the rise in popularity of SIP Trunks in the UK business market.

The Preferred Choice for Business

More UK businesses are now choosing SIP over ISDN. SIP Trunks utilise any and all forms of broadband connectivity (ADSL, FTTC, Ethernet or MPLS) to deliver your phone lines, rather than the traditional method of copper cables. They offer a host of new benefits to your business, as well as being extremely cost-effective, but it is vital to ensure that all SIP trunks are deployed on suitable data connections.

If you are looking to replace traditional ISDN lines or take advantage of internet-based telephony, Cavendish offers industry leading SIP Trunk services.

The Benefits of SIP

  • Scalability – You can have any number of trunks and add or remove as you require. There is no requirement to order a specific number of channels as with ISDN.
  • Flexibility – You can move or open new offices anywhere in the country and keep the same number. In addition, you can have geographic presence in any area of the country (eg based in London and using a Glasgow number.)
  • Cost Effectiveness – SIP trunk rental is considerably cheaper than both ISDN and analogue lines, with substantially reduced (and in many cases free) calls offered as part of the package.
  • High Quality Audio – A SIP call will equal the quality experienced on a copper line, with a suitable data connection, something that customers are sometimes concerned with.
  • Resilience – With the latest resilient SIP trunks deployed to separate data centres, a single point of failure on your lines can be eliminated without the need for adding major additional infrastructure.
  • Business Continuity – It’s easy and free to divert calls in the event of an emergency/relocation even without the resilient option described above.

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