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Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

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Business Phone Lines

Business Phone Lines

We offer excellent savings for customers migrating to Cavendish.  On average we will save customers 40% by just switching providers.  It is very easy  to move telecoms providers and we would be delighted to provide you a free quotation detailing how much we can save you.

Business Phone Lines – Analogue & ISDN

Save money and enjoy superior support for your existing Business Phone Lines. Our experienced team will ensure a smooth and seamless transition to our billing platform, planned and project managed through our established migration process.


  • A smooth and seamless transition to our billing platform
  • Extremely competitive pricing for fixed line services
  • A proven project managed migration plan.
  • An online billing and call management portal.
  • Dedicated account management with regular account reviews.
  • An interdependent approach to customer support
  • Business advice and information, technology seminars and newsletters.

For more information about our Business Phone Lines, please call 0800 206 2107 or email us.

Business Phone Lines and Inbound calls 0800

Inbound Call Analysis

Manage and monitor the number of calls you make as well as the duration of these calls every month with a monthly inbound call analysis.

SIP Phone Lines

SIP Trunks or Traditional ISDN lines?

The adoption of IP, or Internet based telephony, over recent years has driven a significant change in the delivery of business telephone lines. We have helped most of our customers migrate their business phone lines to SIP Trunk Lines as there is much more flexibility, significant savings and built in business continuity. Your numbers are ported into the cloud which means you can point them anywhere you want, you can move offices and close offices down without losing important customers, the numbers are just pointed to the new location.  SIP Trunk Lines are dependant on good broadband or fibre connectivity but as this improves we will see all businesses switching to SIP.

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