Fibre Ethernet Services

Fibre Ethernet Services provide a private, dedicated connection from your office to the internet; it can be used to link sites together using MPLS.

Cavendish Communications, Fibre Ethernet Services – Ethernet Circuits

We also provide a SIP interconnect with Fibre Ethernet to ensure that SIP voice traffic is guaranteed.

Ethernet Services delivers lower overhead, greater throughput and high reliability. It is the standard replacement for existing leased line technology.

Private Fibre Ethernet for Brighton, Hove & Worthing

Private Fibre Ethernet is more than fibre broadband it is a dedicated fibre service connecting your business directly to the internet. Therefore, you do not share it with other businesses in your area.  It is designed to provide modern business with high speed internet access for voice, video and data.

Why Cavendish Communications?

With increasing reliance on data communication in business today – with email, internet, eCommerce and video conferencing – it is essential to have data connectivity you can rely on. We have reliable, cost-effective solutions to underpin your business.

6 hour fix time

Six hour fix time guaranteed

Increased security, privacy and reliability

Increased security, privacy and reliability

High scalability

High Scalability, uncontended fibre access

Service and reliability

High Speeds from 10MB to 10GB Circuits

Fibre Ethernet Features

  • FREE installation (subject to a three year contract and site survey)
  • 60-90 working days implementation (subject to feasibility and site survey)
  • Maximum Capacity 10Gb+
  • Global Coverage
  • Suitable for SIP
  • QoS
  • VLANs
  • Symmetric bandwidth
  • Guaranteed latency
  • High speed failover
  • SLA 99.9%

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Superfast broadband, ethernet

Superfast broadband, ethernet

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