Cloud Phone Systems

Facilitating Office, Hybrid, and Remote-based working, our Cloud Phone Systems are the perfect aid to enhance your flexible working structure for both employees and customers.
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What is a Cloud Phone System?

A Cloud Phone System is a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) business phone system hosted in a virtual server. Not having a physical server on site improves your agility and flexibility as a business, whilst reducing costs and offering increased scalability, so that your phone system can grow with your business.

by Cavendish

We have an excellent team of support staff who ensure the deployment and migration to our hosted phone system is first class. The knowledge and experience we have developed to provide trouble free installations, reliability, and professional support is absolutely essential when considering a cloud telephone systems supplier.

Cavendish are one of the leading suppliers of Horizon, which is the top hosted phone system in the UK, alongside other industry leading solutions.  View the types of Cloud Phone Systems that we offer below.

IP Cloud Solution


Horizon is the number one cloud phone system on the market today and has the most comprehensive list of features to support every business no matter what size. Cavendish were one of the first telecoms organisations to start providing Horizon, so we have a wealth of experience in provisioning, installing, training and supporting every type of phone system configuration modern businesses require.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing for businesses allows users to make both internal and external calls, completely integrated from within the Teams application that many employees are already familiar with. Direct Routing comes with free calls to local, national, and mobile numbers. Users can also receive external inbound calls allowing for a location independent call centre capability. A seamless experience for all of your users, whether they are office-based or homeworking.

3CX Business Phone System


3CX is an open-platform office phone system that runs on premise or hosted in the cloud.  A complete omnichannel business phone system that eliminates the cost and management headaches of proprietary systems while offering a true remote working experience to any employee with an internet connection. Watch productivity soar with advanced call centre features, video conferencing and more.

Why choose a Cloud Phone System?


Stay agile

Free from the constraints of a server in a physical location, allow your phone system to adapt to you as your business grows.

Cloud Phone Systems

Work smarter, not harder

With your cloud services provider managing and maintaining the system, you can focus on growing your business, not your phone system.


Stay down with the kids

Remain constantly up-to-date with the latest technology, and having access to sophisticated new features, ensures you stay competitive and don’t fall behind.

Touch Screens

Optimise user experience

By integrating multiple devices & software, you can deliver the seamless experiences that your employees and customers deserve.

Office Cabling

Facilitate flexibility

With access to all the information and tools they need – anywhere, anytime – your employees can significantly improve their productivity.

ISDN switch off

Minimise risk

Equipped with built-in resilience and security, you significantly reduce the risk of damaging downtime.

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