Business WiFi

Our Business WiFi solutions can be deployed in any organisation large or small.  With everyone needing internet access on all their devices throughout the office, high quality and reliable WiFi is a crucial business requirement. Whether it’s for running laptops or tablets in meetings, for general internet access where ethernet ports are not suitable or just as a courtesy for staff and guests business WiFi is an important part of any organisation.

Cavendish provides a fully managed solution from a number of suppliers including Ubiquiti and Engenius.  Our service is wired in using structured cabling to ensure quality and provides a fully meshed solution that enables fast roaming without re-authentication.  That means you can move around your office using voice or video applications without losing your WiFi connection. We have a wealth of experience providing business WiFi for companies across Sussex, the South East and UK wide.

As well as our standard business WiFi we also offer broadband back up mobile WiFi. These “MiFi” units allow multiple devices to connect and provide a back up 4G business WiFi if your main business broadband signal goes down for any reason.

Main benefits of upgrading Your WiFi

  • Increase mobility with seamless site-wide coverage
  • Bring your own device – Enable employees to use their own devices at work
  • Voice over IP- use your VoIP Phones with wireless and simply connect to WiFi
  • Larger area covered with WiFi than available with a wired Local area network
  • Increase productivity – enable your staff to work flexibly in or out of the workplace
  • Finance packages are available

Ubiquiti WiFi Solutions

Office Wifi

Business WiFi case studies

White House Academy
Business Wifi for Eastwell Manor Hotel
Business Wifi

WiFi Outside

In addition to WiFi for your office why not try expanding your Internet access to outside spaces?

WiFi External Access Points combine outdoor waterproof housing and high-gain antenna technology to enable an extension to a WiFi network beyond office walls. This technology was designed to work in all climates and provide powerful speeds within specific distances.

Various businesses such as schools, shipping docks, sports facilities, and warehouses can utilize WiFi External Access Points to expand your Internet access to all areas.

Business WiFi
Mitel MiVoice 5624

 Integrates with your Mitel phone

The Business WiFi solution is integrated into our Phone Systems. With the Mitel 5624 phone you can take your desk phone anywhere your WiFi will reach. In addition, the MiCollab applications on your Smartphone or Tablet will enable you to make calls using your office phone system through your WiFi.

Features of Business WiFi

  • Wired solution using structured cabling
  • Fully Meshed (Fast Roaming without Authentication)
  • Up to 16 SSIDs
  • Quality of Service which prioritises voice & video applications
  • Maintained and Supported
Business WiFi


Business WiFi

WiFi Solutions

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