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“Ius est ars boni et aequi.
The law is the art of goodness and equity.”
– Ulpianus

The first step in modernising your Business is to ensure your cabling infrastructure will deliver the speeds needed not just for today but well into the future, most organisations are working towards gigabit to the desktop.  At Cavendish we can help you to build a solid infrastructure which will deliver the speeds you need to the desktop but also provide the platform for all the other IP applications.

High quality Wi-Fi throughout your business providing high speed access for staff and guests is now essential.  Our Wi-Fi solution is cost effective and provides a fully meshed solution which enables fast roaming without re authentication.  That means you can move around your office using voice or video applications without losing connection.

A natural extension to our cabling services are our IP CCTV (IP based closed circuit television) solutions. Whether you are looking to reduce the threat of theft, create a safer working environment for staff or monitor offices and premises remotely, CCTV can provide you with the means to do so.

As a leading supplier of Business Phone Systems in the UK we know that in today’s competitive environment, the ability to effectively connect with customers through the latest SIP and VoIP technology is critical. Modern Office Phone Systems need to offer effective methods of collaborating with colleagues and clients to deliver exceptional levels of customer service, improve business efficiency and increase profit.

The future is in Touch Screen Technology, every classroom, meeting room and boardroom will want one and very soon they will be a necessity.  Meetings, presentations, interactive lessons for pupils, video conferencing, the list goes on. Cavendish are now bringing you state-of-the-art technology from three of the leading names in Touch Screen AV communications.







Allocate conference numbers to each of your clients. Cavendish will itemize the billing to enable you to easily account the cost of each call.

The main benefits of Conference Call Number are:

  • Free set-up
  • Your choice of Access Code/PIN
  • Unlimited conferences at the same time
  • Call charges 3p per minute
  • No additional charges
  • Customers are separated on your bill
  • Numbers are free
  • Call-recording (optional)*

Simply invite your chosen participants to your very own conference call, share your Access Code/PIN and make your business communication a more seamless experience.


Conference Calls are charged at 3ppm per user on the call.

*Call Recording is 1ppm.

Call Recording

We can provide access to a portal where you can view your service and turn Call Recording on or off as you require.

Mitel Collaboration MiVoiceConferencePhone 3


Each number is billed separately and itemised on our bill we can tailor your bill with a client reference or name as required.

Set up

We allocate a different Freecall number for each client, there is an access pin for the organiser and a user pin for clients ringing in.  We can set the pin numbers up to a memorable 6 digit code of your choice.

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    Call Recording

    Clients need a positive experience when they call your office. If a caller is not satisfied, they can lose trust in you. With Cavendish Call Recording you can record, listen and re-listen any call that has been received or made. Help to improve staff training, performance and deter inappropriate calls and security breaches.


    New Call Recording Regulation 

    Under the revised MiFID II you need to record all conversations that are intended to lead to a transaction or trade, even if they ultimately don’t. These rules apply equally to firms dealing with their own account as well as providing services for external clients. It also includes those who were previously exempt under MiFID I from having to record such as financial advisors and brokers – anyone involved in the advice chain that may lead to a trade or investment.

    Business Phone Systems

    Improve your presence and availability

    Having a personal private directory on your PC, will enable you to see your clients’ numbers & availability and make phone calls just with one click. You do not have to waste time to find their details in your diary or mobile phone. A modern phone system let you to manage your time and focus more on your clients.

    With solutions for small office business phone systems through to multi-site enterprise solutions, we have a system to fit every organisation with the latest Mitel Phone System or Panasonic Phone System.

    Business Phone Systems

    Hosted Horizon Cloud Phone System Sussex

    Cloud Phone Systems

    A cloud-based phone system that unifies modes of communication is the best, cost-effective solution for your law practice.

    What do you get with a Cloud Phone System from Cavendish?

    • Horizon is the number one cloud telephony solution on the market today.
    • A communication system that the modern employee expects.
    • Enhanced productivity and Innovation.
    • Collaboration enabling information sharing.
    • Connection across multiple devices providing presence and availability.
    • Great customer service and support.

    Check out our Cloud Phone System page and find out why you should consider moving to the cloud.

    Mitel Conferencing and Collaboration

    Our Mitel Conferencing and Collaboration portfolio (MiCollab) delivers unified messaging, mobility, teleworking, and audio, web and video conferencing services tailored to the needs of today’s mobile workforce.

    With Mitel Conferencing and Collaboration Solutions you keep your workforce:

    • Connected – Wherever they are around the world, workers stay in touch with each other, partners, and customers.
    • Dynamic -Real-time communication and collaboration ensures easy, ongoing sharing of ideas and information.
    • Team-ready -Workers in widely dispersed locations form productive long-term and ad hoc teams as easily as if they were in the same office.
    • Richly interactive – Easy sharing of documents and presentations make for more productive brainstorming and training sessions.

    Call Reporting

    Call Reporting

    How much is a new client worth? Are you missing calls?

    You may be struggling to monitor missed calls, or even be unsure what your busiest period is during the day. By identifying these factors, you’ll be able to eliminate missed client contact and missed sales.

    The main benefits of Call Reporting are:

    • Enable push notifications to encourage follow-ups
    • Apply resources to real data
    • Identify all missed calls
    • Integrate with call recording
    • Monitor attempted call-backs
    • Unlimited displays & log-ins

    For more information about our Solutions for Solicitors & Legal Services call 0800 206 2107 or send us an email.