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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”- Nelson Mandela

The first step in modernising your School is to ensure your cabling infrastructure will deliver the speeds needed not just for today but well into the future, most organisations are working towards gigabit to the desktop.  At Cavendish we can help you to build a solid infrastructure which will deliver the speeds you need to the desktop but also provide the platform for all the other IP applications.

High quality Wi-Fi throughout your business providing high speed access for staff and guests is now essential.  Our Wi-Fi solution is cost effective and provides a fully meshed solution which enables fast roaming without re authentication.  That means you can move around your office using voice or video applications without losing connection.

A natural extension to our cabling services are our IP CCTV (IP based closed circuit television) solutions. Whether you are looking to reduce the threat of theft, create a safer working environment for staff or monitor offices and premises remotely, CCTV can provide you with the means to do so.

As a leading supplier of Business Phone Systems in the UK we know that in today’s competitive environment, the ability to effectively connect with customers through the latest SIP and VoIP technology is critical. Modern Office Phone Systems need to offer effective methods of collaborating with colleagues and clients to deliver exceptional levels of customer service, improve business efficiency and increase profit.

The future is in Touch Screen Technology, every classroom, meeting room and boardroom will want one and very soon they will be a necessity.  Meetings, presentations, interactive lessons for pupils, video conferencing, the list goes on. Cavendish are now bringing you state-of-the-art technology from three of the leading names in Touch Screen AV communications.

Modern Classroom Solutions
Touch screens transforms business communications

Many schools and universities are already experiencing the benefits of integrating Audio-Visual communications. Over the years, this cutting-edge technology has turned thousands of classrooms into an interactive, fun learning environment. Both the teaching and learning experience has been enhanced, with pupils more engaged than ever before.

This sophisticated way of learning has endless benefits, and are now available from Cavendish.

Classroom Benefits

  • Flexibility of sharing dynamic content
  • Supports all learning styles
  • Low maintenance & no wiping
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Integrates with various technology

Business Phone Systems for Schools

On-premise Phone Systems

Mitel Telephone Systems

Phone Systems for Schools

Mitel is the NJPA’s vendor for education communications solutions and provides technology to help teachers, students at schools & universities communicate effectively in today’s multicultural and global environment.  Mitel solutions help students develop the skills they need to succeed in a competitive employment market.

Whether a primary school, secondary school, college or university, our own in house engineers, fully trained to the latest accreditation, will configure install and maintain all our systems.

Panasonic Telephone Systems

Business Phone Systems for school

Designed specifically for small or medium-sized schools looking to take advantage of Panasonic’s reputation for quality technology, without needing a huge budget.

Accurate and enhanced routing options coupled with flexible integrations with computers make the telephone systems flexible. With powerful and adaptable features they can provide you with everything you require to maintain contacts and manage current and prospective clients whether you are a manufacturing, distributing, finance, education or public service organisation, provide professional services or are in sales and marketing.

Cloud Phone Systems

Schools of all levels and sizes are now using our VoIP for education solutions to realise bottom line cost savings across the board. There is no upfront cost, you pay monthly and you always receive the latest software and features.

Easy to adopt, deploy and scale, VoIP for education helps you support a more connected and collaborative learning environment while delivering the savings you need to meet today’s tight budgets without IT expert knowledge on-site.

Business Phone Systems for school

“Cavendish has always provided excellent service, and I am now talking to other schools in the PSBP who are looking like they will be working with you!”

-Tanya Neil, Aylesham Primary School

“Nothing seemed too much trouble for Cavendish, they were really responsive and dealt with any issues quickly without ever panicking.”

– Jon Martin, ICT Project Manager at East Sussex County Council

Some of our case studies with schools

Phone System and Cabling

Business Telephone Systems for schools

WiFi Solution

Phone Systems for schools


“Cavendish has always provided excellent service, and I am now talking to other schools in the PSBP who are looking like they will be working with you!”

-Tanya Neil, Aylesham Primary School

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    Touch Screen for schools

    “Extremely satisfied, your team was always helpful and listened to any issues we raised and tried their best to help us overcome them. They seemed to have an appreciation of our stresses! A pleasure to deal with. Thank you.”

    -Vicki Slattery, Newton Poppleford Primary School

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    Business Phone Systems for schools

    Business Phone Systems for schools

    Business Phone Systems for schools

    Business Phone Systems for schools

    Business Phone Systems for schools

    Business Phone Systems for schools

    Main Benefits of Upgrading Business Phone Systems

    Supported internal communication

    Business Phone Systems for school

    With our phone system solutions such as pre-programmed speed dial, you can reduce call response time, keep your colleagues connected and up to date with the latest news.

    Voicemail to email service converts all the incoming voicemails and deliver to your email, which you can listen on your mobile phone or computer.

    Enhanced teacher-parent interaction

    Business Phone Systems for school

    The auto attendant service let your callers to choose the right department they wish to talk to therefore you can save time for both of you and operate more effectively.

    With our mobile-SMS or recorded messages parents can receive notifications from your school and always be well-informed.

    Improved Safety & Data Protection

    Business Phone Systems for school

    Emergency notification system enables you to act immediately in the event of an emergency and our cloud backup will save your data if a disaster strikes. With advanced applications you are able to spread information more effectively and quickly to both students and staff.

    Easier Administration

    Call Reporting

    With call manager services – such as call reporting, call routing, self-services – you can have real-time overview of your communication, decrease your administration costs and reduce incoming call response times. Integrate your new phone system with your existing CRM to make your communications more efficient.

    Enthusiastic students

    Touch Screen for schools

    Our audio-visual solutions help you delivering content via audio, video or web which is really helpful for students on sick leave or deliver live class from different location. Enhance your lessons with media contents and make them more interesting and inspiring for your students.

    Tailored training after installation

    Business Phone Systems for school

    Our phone systems are easy to use, and we always make sure that everyone among your team is confident user after we installed the system. We provide 1 to 1 training for your staff plus training sheets and ongoing support from our experts.

    Other services

    Phone Systems for schools

    Structured Cabling

    Phone Systems for schools


    Phone Systems for schools


    Access Control/Door Entry

    Door Entry Systems

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