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The first step in modernising your Hotel is to ensure your cabling infrastructure will deliver the speeds needed not just for today but well into the future, most organisations are working towards gigabit to the desktop.  At Cavendish we can help you to build a solid infrastructure which will deliver the speeds you need to the desktop but also provide the platform for all the other IP applications.

High quality Wi-Fi throughout your business providing high speed access for staff and guests is now essential.  Our Wi-Fi solution is cost effective and provides a fully meshed solution which enables fast roaming without re authentication.  That means you can move around your office using voice or video applications without losing connection.

A natural extension to our cabling services are our IP CCTV (IP based closed circuit television) solutions. Whether you are looking to reduce the threat of theft, create a safer working environment for staff or monitor offices and premises remotely, CCTV can provide you with the means to do so.

As a leading supplier of Business Phone Systems in the UK we know that in today’s competitive environment, the ability to effectively connect with customers through the latest SIP and VoIP technology is critical. Modern Office Phone Systems need to offer effective methods of collaborating with colleagues and clients to deliver exceptional levels of customer service, improve business efficiency and increase profit.

The future is in Touch Screen Technology, every classroom, meeting room and boardroom will want one and very soon they will be a necessity.  Meetings, presentations, interactive lessons for pupils, video conferencing, the list goes on. Cavendish are now bringing you state-of-the-art technology from three of the leading names in Touch Screen AV communications.

Phone Systems for Hotels

Mitel Telephone Systems

Business Phone Systems for Hotels

When hosting guests, little things matter—like greeting your guests by name, managing their privacy and ensuring timely service. With Mitel technology, it’s easy to do all this and much more.

Reduce training time with intuitive interfaces. Untether staff with mobile working. Manage service requests with purpose-built applications. And manage operations with rich business analytics

Hoteliers who choose Mitel to get unrivalled freedom to deploy communications on-property, in a private or public cloud, or as a hybrid system. They can also blend analogue, digital and IP technology.

Panasonic Telephone Systems

Business Phone Systems for Hotels

The hospitality industry relies on smart, flexible communication systems. From the front desk to guest rooms and every department from maintenance to guest services, your business communication systems are the backbone of your operations

Panasonic offers a full suite of phone systems, digital and analogue phones, speakerphones and in-building DECT wireless handsets. These customizable, scalable solutions enable you to control communications seamlessly between all parts of your business.

Cloud Telephone Systems

Business Phone Systems for Hotels

Hospitality industry faces different and unique challenges such as variable income and high fixed costs. Hotel managers always look for ways to keep costs on the bottom line. A cloud phone system can help you minimise fixed costs.

An on-site system requires upfront investment whereas a cloud-based phone system doesn’t. You pay a monthly rate for the phone system itself, and a low per minute for calls routed through the system. System runs over the Internet therefore you don’t need to spend on an on-site hardware which can cost you a fortune.

WiFi Solution

Cavendish provides a fully managed WiFi solution paid on a monthly subscription, per access point, with no upfront costs. Our service is wired in using structured cabling to ensure quality and provides a fully meshed solution which enables fast roaming without re-authentication. That means you can move around your office using voice or video applications without losing connection.

Business Phone Systems for Hotels

“Cavendish was the company that seemed to listen the hardest during the consultation and didn’t try tosell us the earth. We would be happy to recommend Cavendish to other golf clubs.”

– Jon Wittenberg, Golf Club Manager at Hever Castle and Golf Club

“Cavendish came up with a solution that met with our requirements and offered great value. As a local supplier, they are always easy to contact and very responsive. We would recommend Cavendish Communications without hesitation!”

– Jamieson Berriman, General Manager

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    Some of our customers from the Hospitality industry

    Business Phone Systems for Hotels

    Business Phone Systems for Hotels

    Business Phone Systems for Hotels

    Business Phone Systems for Hotels

    Business Phone Systems for Hotels

    Business Phone Systems for Hotels

    Popular phone system’s features in the Hospitality industry

    Advertising on hold

    Business Phone Systems for Hotels

    This is an opportunity for you to play music, special offers & packages or messages for callers. Music or advertising on hold is provided when a call is on hold or transferred to a busy party. Music also keeps your callers in a better frame of mind.

    Bill your customers individually

    Business Phone Systems for Hotels

    WebaBILLity billing software – an easier way to manage your telephony services. WebaBILLity allows you to actively monitor and manage your telephony services account with us. By using this service, you can generate online reports of your webaBILLity account, as well as administer the users within your company in order to create custom invoices.

    Auto attendant

    Business Phone Systems for Hotels

    This function you can handle the bulk of your guest enquiries. With the programmed menus auto attendant can manage request, answers questions and keep phone lines free from basic questions. It helps you provide a quicker and more professional service to your customers and ensure potential customers get address.


    Business Phone Systems for Hotels

    The Business WiFi solution is integrated into our Phone Systems. You can take your desk phone anywhere your WiFi will reach. In addition, the other applications on your Smartphone or Tablet will enable you to make calls using your office phone system through your WiFi.

    Voicemail service

    Business Phone Systems for Hotels

    Hotels are expected to have this function by the guests, so they can leave messages when no operator is available. This option is really useful for shift changes or hand-off. Voicemail and email can interact with unified messaging which means your guests or customers can retrieve voicemail to their inbox and vice versa.

    Wake up calls

    Business Phone Systems for Hotels

    Guests can schedule their own wake up calls on their room phones, even multiple wake-up calls for the same room. Friendly and easy to understand prompts help them through the process and play a confirmation of the date and time. Your staff also able to schedule calls for the guests with one touch on the handset.

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