Business Phone Numbers

0800 numbers are free to call from UK mobiles and landlines therefore customers are more likely to contact you because it doesn’t cost them anything.

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What are Business Numbers?

Non Geographic Numbers, also known as Business Phone Numbers are replacement contact numbers that can veil any ordinary existing phone number with a more uniform numerical sequence e.g. 0800 numbers. 

Not being tied to a localised style phone number intern means that it can be dialed from anywhere in the UK or Internationally.

Non-Geo Numbers

Already have a
Business Phone Number?

Whether you’re a new or existing Cavendish customer, we offer competitive monthly rates for hosting your business phone number, so get in touch to find out how to switch to us and save some money.

Benefits of Business Phone Numbers

Cavendish Communications Ltd

More calls

Generate up to 175% more calls to your business thus boost sales and customer service

Cavendish Communications Ltd

Be memorable

Forever and memorable numbers – add your existing number to a new phone

Cavendish Communications Ltd

Reach a wide audience

Is not restricted to local areas, you can appear nationally

Cavendish Communications Ltd

Free of charge

Calls to your number will be free of charge for your customers.

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