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We are proud to provide business communication services to over 2,000 organisations across the UK.  Have a read about some of our biggest projects below.

"As a local specialist cabling provider, we used Cavendish as we knew from our past experience that they are an excellent team, they all work very hard and get the job done on time at a high standard.”
Wealden Council
Wealden District Council

Cavendish are now Academies Enterprise Trust’s (AET) single preferred telecoms supplier

This case study delves into the relationship we have built with AET and how our strong customer-focused approach, in conjunction with our exceptional range of services resulted in AET choosing to partner with us.

Newhaven Port & Properties

Mitel MiVoice Office 250 telephone system has been installed at Newhaven Port & Properties

The Mitel Office 250 telephone system fitted Newhaven Port’s requirements perfectly. With the system being scalable up to 250 users and having PC software through Phone Manager, it ticked all the boxes the Port were looking to achieve, with added benefits of cost savings through SIP trunking and free calls. One of the main parts to this was a staged implementation of the solution instead of one big bang.

Panasonic phone system has been installed at Meadstead Primary Academy

Academies Enterprise Trust were refurbishing the Academy which involved updating legacy technology within the school, including the old PSTN phone system. This had to be done promptly as the Academies line rental contract was expiring in 40 days and AET didn’t want this to continue incurring further rental charges on legacy technology. Following a quotation request by the Trust’s Head of Procurement Clive Hammond, Cavendish offered two solutions which would fit the school’s requirements initially and support any expansion or new feature requirements.

Meadstead Primary Academy
Wealden Crematorium

Category 6 structured cabling installation at Wealden Crematorium

Wealden District Council required a new state-of-the-art cabling infrastructure to support their telephone system, CCTV, wireless, building management system (BMS) and audio-visual system. Wealden Council is delighted with the cabling solution provided by Cavendish Communications.

A new phone system has been installed at Best Western Lansdowne Hotel

The challenges Cavendish faced were to install a cost-effective and modern phone system into an older building retaining existing cabling, also providing a solution for the night porters enabling them to take external calls at night and internally for guests who ring reception out of hours.

Best Western Lansdowne Hotel
Business Wifi

New HP WiFi Solution has been installed at Erith School

Erith had an HP WiFi solution throughout the school site but as the number of users and client devices increased the availability of WiFi to users decreased. Lessons that once were carried out with hand held devices and Laptops slowly ceased to be possible leading to considerable frustration and impacted on lesson planning.

New IP CCTV system has been installed at BHASVIC

BHASVIC wanted to ensure longevity of the system, and allow for future upgrades, as such their Navigator server is fully expandable. The products specified allow for a fully serviceable system; able to protect the property and providing access to the potential benefits of advanced network video technology.

Brighton Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College
Case Study of Shawfield Primary School

Installation of an EnGenius WiFi solution at Shawfield Primary School

With school budgets falling, a robust cost effective WiFi solution was required with all the benefits of an Enterprise solution but at a budget the school could afford, but importantly have no ongoing costs. The school investigated other WiFi solutions, and the EnGenius was selected for a Free trial period being implemented in various parts of the school to see how it performed.

Working in Partnership with Lewes District and Eastbourne Borough Councils

With more than 400 councils nationwide now sharing services to realise efficiencies, Lewes District Council and Eastbourne Borough Council developed plans to build on a strong, existing relationship and join together in creating two more flexible, customer focused and cost effective organisations. This was to be achieved through the integration of staff and the modernisation of culture, structure and, importantly, technology.

Case Studies: Lewes and Eastbourne Councils
Hosted Telephony System at Interact

Installation of Hosted Telephone System at Interact

Interact were seeking to upgrade their phone system to take advantage of advances in technology. The organisation were also keen to replace their old, expensive system with a modern VOIP system, offering more features whilst saving on costs. The old system, while still functioning, was no longer offering value for money and not taking advantage of technological advances over the last few years.

Installation of a Multi-Site Mitel Phone System for Caterham cars

With Cavendish supplying telephony to the Dartford site for many years, a key driver for Caterham was to re-consolidate all services to a single provider, after opening new offices in the Gatwick area.

“With the deployment of two new IP-based phone systems into two separate premises and around 60 handsets to configure, there would always be scope for disruption to services. Cavendish worked with us to undertake as much of the work out-of-hours as possible, and when this wasn’t possible, the downtime on services was kept to an absolute minimum.”

Case Studies: Mitel Phone System
Carr and Priddle

Installation of a Hosted Telephone System at Carr & Priddle

Before upgrading, Carr & Priddle had a legacy phone system that was failing to meet their business requirements. Carr & Priddle
Partner, Tony Carr, explained the need to  modernise:

“It was a very old system. We wanted phones that are easy to manipulate, modern and that work.”

Cavendish recommended the Hosted solution after assessing the size of the business and the need for increased flexibility and functionality.

Installation of a Hosted Telephone System at Hearing Direct

Responding to the global success and growth of the business, the decision was made to update their telecoms – “As soon as it became apparent that we needed a 0800 number and a more sophisticated way of handling the volume of customers that we were generating, we began looking for a more comprehensive and sophisticated telephone system.”

“Our entire business philosophy is Hosted. We have no servers of our own at all, anywhere. We have an employee that lives in South Africa and two or three that work from home. We didn’t want a whole collection of hardware that needed maintaining in our offices.”

Hearing Direct
Hosted Horizon Cloud Phone System Sussex

Installation of a Hosted Telephone System at Amethyst Group

With multiple sites across the UK including a main site in Staplehurst, Kent as well as sites in Staffordshire and Warwickshire, there was a need to consolidate telephony across the business and to reduce overall expenditure.

Cavendish worked closely with Network Manager, Kevin Maw, who explained that “an important motivation to update the  telecoms was to get rid of line rentals and variable call costs and to consolidate it into a monthly charge per user.”

Cavendish Delivers VMware Solution to Brighton Based Internet Service Provider, Fastnet

FastNet required a resilient communications solution that incorporated a call centre solution, which supported wall boards for displaying call centre activity and provided management reporting information to ensure FastNet provide adequate telephone support to its many clients.

The combination of the virtualisation capability, SIP compatibility and unified communications functionality made a VMware solution from Mitel the perfect choice for FastNet.

Brighton Fastnet Mitel 3300 VMware
Case Studies: Wireless Wifi Solution Sussex Care Home

Care Home Residents and Staff Benefit from New Wireless Networks from Cavendish

Guild Care has 4 homes with 40-60 residents in each home. The charity decided to invest in a software package to help them maintain their robust systems of record keeping, underpinned by a dynamic and responsive system of care planning. The HET software has been developed and tailored to meet the needs of the organisation, an innovative approach for a care supplier. Through wireless mobile terminals, it provides a transparent mechanism for monitoring interventions, observations and resident goals and helps them focus on the experience of those using their service.

Hever Castle and Golf Club enjoy better communications

Despite being in the same grounds, the Castle and the Golf Club are a mile apart, so effective communications is essential. Having suffered for some time with different phone systems and in some cases two telephones on one desk, which could both ring at the same time and voicemail with two different companies, the Hever Castle management team decided to update the phone system. They wanted a system which would allow extension dialling between the two sites.

Hever Castle
bexhill academy

Cavendish Installs Cabling Infrastructure for Bexhill High "School of the Future"

Bexhill High School in East Sussex has been branded “School of the Future”. With an internal area of 11,500sq m spread over three storeys, it educates young person’s using progressive learning methods via pod learning zones of approximately 250sq m containing 90 students and 6 staff. Cavendish Cabling a division of the Cavendish Communications Group were selected through Halsion the mechanical and electrical contractors and Kier the Main Contractors to install the data infrastructure in the new school building for the East Sussex County Council.

The Benefits of the Mitel Telephone Systems

The Mitel Applications Suite was deployed alongside a Mitel Communications Director 3300 platform, providing Bexhill High with a range of advanced features to better connect staff, parents and students.

Bexhill High employs 250 members of staff, who work across the main school and the Skills Centre. Using the Mitel system, teachers and support staff are no longer tied to a single location and can easily communicate from any of the 100 desks and workstations available.

bexhill academy
Case Studies: Mitel Phone System with SIP VoIP in Sussex

Installation of Mitel Telephone System and VoIP at Swindells & Gentry

With 6 partners and over 50 staff, the existing telephone system was not meeting the growing demands of the business and it was time for a change. The two offices were using separate old systems and did not even have voicemail.

The chosen solution was a new Mitel Communications Platform at each office which are linked using a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) connection, a range of stylish and robust Mitel IP handsets and a Xarios call control application.  As well as the being toll free, calls between offices have been made easy by simple extension to extension dialing and the Xarios call control means that staff can see if colleagues are available before dialing.

Integrated Communications Across Sussex for Citizens Advice Bureau

A review of the Bureau’s communications was prompted by a move of the Worthing office into the Town Hall building which created the need for a new telephone system. It was the responsibility of bureau ICT Coordinator Mike Larcombe to organise the new telephone system and consider the wider communication requirements of the 8 offices.

Cavendish installed IP based communications with resilient MPLS networks and SIP Trunks at the Worthing office followed soon afterwards in Haywards Heath and Horsham as part of a roll out programme.

Mitel Telephone System Brighton and Hove

Cavendish Upgrades 29 Organisations at Community Base Managed Offices

Cavendish had maintained the existing telephone system for more than 10 years but as key replacement parts ceased to be manufactured, this became increasingly difficult.
The decision was taken by the Community Base board to replace the system. A number of telecoms companies were invited to tender for the new system and the business was awarded to Cavendish.

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