The Importance of Staying Connected

In an increasingly digital world, a fast and reliable data connection has become invaluable to businesses of all sizes. Whether it be Business Broadband, FTTC, Mobile data, Ethernet or WiFi for your office, Cavendish can help you to decide on the best way to connect to your customers.

Business Broadband

  • Free set-up*
  • Pre-configured router
  • Unlimited data
  • Business only

Fibre Broadband

  • Up to 80Mb download speeds
  • Up to 20Mb upload speeds
  • Unlimited data
  • Business only

Office WiFi

  • Speeds up to 300Mbs
  • Fast-roaming
  • Multiple private networks
  • Outdoor Access Points

Fibre Ethernet

  • Six hour fix time guaranteed
  • Private fibre access
  • 10Mb to 10Gb circuits
  • Increased security and reliability


MPLS is a private network connecting businesses across multiple sites, enabling communications that are both secure and superfast.

The most unique feature of MPLS is its use of labels to prioritise certain types of traffic. For example, you may wish to label real-time video data as ‘priority traffic’, ensuring high quality video calls.

As well as being compatible with IP, a major advantage of MPLS is that it is fully scalable. The bandwidth can be adjusted at any time to accommodate a growing business.

Key Benefits of MPLS

  • Scalable – simple to add new sites to the VPN
  • UK-wide & global coverage
  • Access speeds from 10Mb to 10Gb
  • ADSL Failover provided on all Ethernet circuits
  • Linked with our SIP Trunking provider
  • Ability to prioritise different types of traffic e.g. voice, video

4G Failover Service

  • Outage Protection
  • Managed Service
  • Security
  • Affordable Speed