Businesses are migrating to IP

First, there were PSTN (analogue) lines. Next came multi aux lines which allowed multiple calls on the same number. The introduction of ISDN (digital lines) in the form of ISDN2 and ISDN30 replaced the majority of business phone lines in the UK. Today, more and more businesses are choosing to move away from ISDN over to SIP which delivers phone calls over the Internet.

The Past


Before SIP Trunks and Cloud Telephony, business lines were a mixture of analogue PSTN lines and digital ISDN services.

The Present

ISDN-SIP Present

As IP services have matured, businesses are adopting IP based telephony for flexibility, cost savings and resilience.

The Future

ISDN-SIP Furture

With plans to migrate all voice customers to IP by 2025, the future is in the Cloud/SIP, with Analogue lines for broadband.

Analogue and ISDN lines

Save money and enjoy superior support for your existing analogue and ISDN services or buy additional services. Our experienced team will ensure a smooth and seamless transition to our billing platform, planned and project managed through our established migration process.

Analogue Lines and ISDN


SIP Trunks

More SIP Trunks than ISDN channels in UK business market today

The adoption of IP, or Internet based telephony, over recent years has driven a significant change in the delivery of business phone lines. Businesses are now buying SIP Trunks rather than traditional ISDN lines, to support both on-site and cloud-based IP telephony solutions.

Inbound Call Analysis

Manage and monitor the number of calls you make as well as the duration of these calls every month with a monthly inbound call analysis.

Inbound Call Analysis

Horizon Hosted Telephony

Cloud Telephony

Choose a cloud telephony service with inclusive UK calls to landlines and mobiles.